Keng-Lou James Hung

<kjhung (at) ucsd (dot) edu>

James spent the first portion of his research career at UC San Diego documenting patterns of bee biodiversity degradation in fragmented landscape of southwestern San Diego County. He is currently examining how these patterns of bee species loss influences plant-pollinator interaction network structure and the quality of pollination services bees provide to native plant species in these habitat fragments.

James is currently also working on producing an inventory of the native bees species of San Diego County, a hotspot of bee diversity that has received relatively little attention from bee biologists in the past. James's surveys in the scrub and desert habitat of San Diego has thus far yielded at least 6 new species and dozens of new records for the County. He is now working closely with taxonomists to describe the new species discovered in his surveys.

James's previous projects at the Holway lab include using trap-nests and stable isotopes to examine the foraging ecology of bee species living in urban-scrub mosaic habitats, and investigating how the eye color of bees relates to their ecology and phylogeny. During his undergraduate career, James studied neutral community dynamics in damselflies, distribution of aquatic insect larvae in stream systems punctuated by beaver ponds, and effects of habitat fragmentation on native and exotic bees.

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James also authors a photographic blog about San Diego's native bees.


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Other academic products

Hung, KLJ, MG Rightmyer, M Wall, J Berrian, JS Ascher, D Yanega, JA Davids and DA Holway. 2015. An annotated checklist of the bees (Hymenoptera: Anthophila) of San Diego County, California. UC San Diego Library Digital Collections. URL:

Grants and Awards

Institute for the Study of Ecological and Evolutionary Climate Impacts Graduate Fellowship, University of California (2016)
Frontiers of Innovation Scholar Fellowship, UC San Diego (2016)
NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (2015)
Bloom-Hays Ecological Research Gant, Sea and Sage Audubon (2014)
Grant in Aid of Research, Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association (2014)
Educational Grant, California Native Plant Society (2013)
Excellence in Teaching Award, UC San Diego (2013)
Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant (2013)
Young Explorers Grant, National Geographic Society (2011)
Grant In Aid of Research, Sigma Xi Society (2011)
Jeanne Marie Messier Memorial Fund Award (2011)