Adrienne Lee

<adl018 (at) ucsd (dot) edu>

Adrienne first joined the Holway lab in her sophomore year as an undergraduate assisting PhD student James Hung in investigating San Diego native bees and the pollination services they provide for native plants, such as Salvia mellifera.

The Holway lab has previously documented a large decline in pollinator assemblage diversity in the greater San Diego area. As a masterís student, she is studying the effects of this pollinator diversity loss and invasive species on plant-pollinator networks in coastal sage scrub habitats across the San Diego County. She is specifically using pollen deposition data to determine how invasive species are affecting pollination services and ultimately, reproductive success of native plants.

Other pursuits outside of the Holway Lab:

Adrienne is broadly interested in ecological interactions, global change impacts, conservation of biodiversity, and life history applications. She is currently associated with the Sugihara Lab at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography as well, where they use empirical dynamic modeling to better understand complex ecosystem dynamics.

In the past, Adrienne has interned at the Conservation Research Center at the Taipei Zoo where she studied life histories of water scorpions and Aeshnidae dragonflies. She also studied abroad at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia campus in Brisbane, Australia where she conducted temporal studies on intertidal fish species richness.

Adrienne is also extremely passionate about teaching. She will be TA-ing BIEB 102: Introduction to Ecology for the third time in Fall 2016.