David Holway Lab

Katherine E LeVan

Katherine investigates the ecological ramifications of Argentine ants on trophic dynamics within natural and agricultural ecosystems. She works in riparian corridors studying food webs on willow plants and in cotton agroecosystems in San Diego, California. Her current work examines how ecosystems incorporate newcomers into food web dynamics. In December 2013, she successfully defended her Ph.D. in Biology at UC San Diego.

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Previously, she has also studied solitary bee foraging patterns, sexual behavior in flour beetles and mate preference in fireflies.

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"Achievement Rewards for College Scientists" Grant (2012-2013)
Mildred Mathias UC Natural Reserve System Grant (2011)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2009-2012)
Cell Molecular Genetics Training Grant (2009)
Jeanne M Messier Research Fellowship (2008)