Annika Nabors

<anabors (at) ucsd (dot) edu>

Annika received her MS degree in Fall 2015.

Annika's thesis focused on the effects of pollination by honey bees (Apis mellifera) on reproduction of Clustered Tarweed (Deinandra fasciculata) in San Diego coastal sage scrub. Her overarching research interest is insect community composition--how it affects plant reproductive success and how it is affected by human development and habitat fragmentation. In other labs, she has studied the behavioral response of foraging Bombus impatiens to visual floral cues, and the impact of low-level rural development on freshwater invertebrate community composition and species richness.

Grants and Awards

Grant In Aid of Research, Sigma Xi Society (2015)
Educational Grant, California Native Plant Society (2015)
Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant (2015)