Want to join?

Students interested in working on projects in this lab should contact David Holway.

UC San Diego undergraduates that wish to volunteer in the lab or get course credit for lab projects can also email James Hung, Jess Gambel, or Ida Naughton for more information on working with the Holway Lab on lab or field-based experiments

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Our lab also supports students participating in the integrated BS/MS program sponsored by the Division of Biological Sciences. BS/MS students complete at least one quarter of BISP199 prior to applying to the program and typically work closely with other graduate students or postdoctoral researchers. Masterís projects often involve ant-related research and range from highly controlled, lab-based studies to work that is primarily field oriented.

Info for Undergraduates

If you have contacted David or James about doing a BISP 199, please click here and fill out some initial paperwork.